~## 2017 Hak4Kidz Chicago Keynote

This year we are excited to announce that Jeff Man will be our keynote speaker!

Mr Jeff Man Jeff is a respected Information Security expert, advisor, speaker, teacher, advocate, and curmudgeon. He has over 33 years of experience working in all aspects of computer, network, and information security. He has held security positions with NSA (National Security Agency), the DoD (Department of Defense) and private-sector enterprises. A little known fact, Jeff Man was part of the first penetration testing "red team" at NSA.

~# 2017 Hak4Kidz Speakers

We are excited to bring you some well known and highly regarded speakers in the Information Security field, as well as, new speakers and a speaker covering a topic for parents. The following presentations are listed in scheduled order.


  Title: Introduction to Lockpicking TOOOL

The mission of the Open Organisation Of Lockpickers is to advance the general public knowledge about locks and lockpicking. By examining locks, safes, and other such hardware and by publicly discussing our findings we hope to strip away the mystery with which so many of these products are imbued. The more that people know about lock technology, the better they are capable of understanding how and where certain weaknesses are present. This makes them well-equipped to participate in sportpicking endeavors and also helps them simply be better consumers in the marketplace, making decisions based on sound fact and research.

~## David "Heal" Schwartzberg

  Title: Safe and Secure Online Heal

Privacy edition focuses on the “do’s and don’ts” of sharing information in the cyber world.

~# 2017 Hak4Kidz Activities

Time to get your H4K on with these educational activities:

Additional activities for Hak4Kidz are still being finalized, so please check back regularly.

~# 2017 Workshops

This we have decided to reduce the workshops from 2 - 4 hours, to 60 - 90 minutes. Why? To give Tyros an opportunity to either attend a morning and afternoon workshop, or use the extra time with the other activities.

IMPORTANT When registering, avoid scheduling conflicts by selecting only 1 morning and 1 afternoon workshop. The time of day is to the right of the workshop title in parenthesis.

Registration is ** OPEN ** for all workshops


~# Gaming Low Level Computing


Using the TIS-100 (Tessellated Intelligence System) gaming platform, created by Zachtronics, Tyros will learn the fundamentals of Assembly language programming. The game educational license will be provided by Hak4Kidz for students to continue playing at home. For serious young programmers, this is a must attend workshop.

In this workshop, Vice President of Research at Arxan Technologies, Aaron Lint, will walk the Tryos through the gaming intructions, program flow, and TIS-100 mechanics for them to pursue low level programming as a hobby or career.

Important Ensure your registered workshop schedule's do not conflict with one another. This workshop's expected runtime is 90 minutes. There is a morning session and an afternoon session. Tyros can only be registered for one of those sessions.


~## Workshop Requirements

Tyros (students) will need to bring the following:

~# Introduction to Soldering

Hakko Digital FX888D soldering iron

Soldering is an old time hacking activity. When a bunch of makers and hackers are soldering together, it feels very much like a bunch of people knitting a quilt. Your bonding grows as the project progresses.

This year for Hak4Kidz, we purchased ten quality hobbyist Hakko F888D digital soldering irons. We want to see how popular this activity / workshop is and if we receive a positive response, we will look into purchasing additional equipment, kits, parts, etc. for future events!

The SparkFun WeevilEye beginner soldering kit will be the project we will be working on. There will be an introduction to the equipment, safety, soldering techniques, error correction, and general fun. This project is scheduled to be completed within 90 minutes.

~## Workshop Requirements

Please be at least 8 years old to participate. There are 2 kinds of soldering irons, the soldering iron that burns you and the soldering iron that is going to burn you. It's not fun getting burned so please keep safety in mind during this workshop. We will have burn gel and band-aids handy. Please make sure your Tyro is mature enough to wield this type of equipment.


~# Minecraft Modding

Minecraft FORGE

As popular as Minecraft is, modding Minecraft enhances the overall gaming experience to the limits of your own imagination. The Tyros will learn what programs are, how minecraft is built, and work with Coding concepts like object-oriented programming, compiling executing, and cartesian coordinates, all while spawning unlimited enderDragons, creating flaming arrows and in general bending the minecraft world at our will.

Important This workshop's expected runtime is 60 minutes and will be scheduled in the morning and twice in the afternoon.

~## Workshop Requirements

Bring Your Own Laptop Meeting the following Criteria:

~# Minecraft on Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi 2

What?! Two Minecraft workshops in the same year?! Yes!! We added another Minecraft workshop but with the goal to spark interest in programming. This workshop will guide Tyros through building their own Minecraft server on a Raspberry Pi. This knowledge can be taken home to build a private server they can customize and enjoy with their friends and family.

The workshop will cover:

Important This workshop's expected runtime is 90 minutes and will be scheduled in the morning and once in the afternoon.

~## Workshop Requirements

Bring Your Own Laptop Meeting the following Criteria: