~# 2023 Hak4Kidz Activities

Activities below are being finalized. Check back regularly:

Additional activities for Hak4Kidz are still being finalized, so please check back regularly.

Registation to the main Hak4Kidz event is required prior to registering for workshops.

~# 2023 Workshops

Workshops will run 90 - 240 minutes.

IMPORTANT Your kids must be registered for the main Hak4Kidz conference, as well as, the Workshop(s), or the Workshop registration will be given to someone waitlisted and no refunds are available. Sorry if this sounds heavy handed, but we are attempting to avoid problems we've had in years past.

When registering, avoid scheduling conflicts by selecting only 1 morning or 1 afternoon workshop where applicable. The time of day may be specified below the workshop title.

Registration is ** OPEN ** for all workshops.

Important Ensure your registered workshop schedule's do not conflict with one another. This workshop's expected runtime is 90 minutes. There are morning sessions and afternoon sessions. Tyros can only be registered for one of those sessions. Registration

~# WORKSHOP: Intermediate Soldering

Instructor: 5kyf@ll

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night light soldering kit

~## Synopsis

Soldering is an old time hacking activity. When a bunch of makers and hackers are soldering together, it feels very much like a bunch of people knitting a quilt. Your bonding grows as the project progresses.

Hak4Kidz has several quality hobbyist Hakko F888D digital soldering irons. This workshop has become wildly popular so we are giving it an upgrade!

The Night Light Soldering Kit intermediate soldering will be the project we will be working on. Being a kit, basic knowledge of soldering will be required in order to complete assembly. This project is scheduled to be completed within 90 minutes.

~## Workshop Requirements

Please be at least 8 years old to participate and have successfully completed the Introduction to Soldering workshop or some other practical instruction. There are 2 kinds of soldering irons, the soldering iron that burns you and the soldering iron that is going to burn you. It's not fun getting burned so please keep safety in mind during this workshop. We will have burn gel and band-aids handy. Please make sure your Tyro is mature enough to wield this type of equipment.

~# WORKSHOP: Over The Wire: Bandit

Instructor: Sammy

Workshops do require a valid event ticket or will not be honored.

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~## Synopsis

The wargames offered by the OverTheWire community can help you to learn and practice security concepts in the form of fun-filled games. Sammy will kick start these hacking adventures to help enable the students to continue at their own pace. Work through all of the challenges and receive a bonus!

This workshop is scheduled to be completed within 2 hours.

~## Workshop Requirements

~# WORKSHOP: Intro to Kali Linux

Instructors: Kendrick and Caleb

Please register for either the AM or PM session. This workshop is scheduled to be completed within 90 minutes.

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~## Synopsis

Intro to Kali Linux is a hands-on beginner-level workshop that introduces the basics of ethical hacking for penetration testers (aka pen-testers). Students will learn from basic footprinting to exploitation using the tools included within the Kali Linux operating system. Reinforcing the their newfound cybersecurity knowledge on a live server target. Important: This workshop's expected runtime is 2 hours. There is a morning (AM) session and an afternoon (PM) session. Please only register for one.

~## Workshop Requirements

Bring Your Own Laptop Meeting the following Criteria: